A project under the title “ICT e-modules on Histopathology: a valuable online tool for students, researchers and professionals - HIPON”, has been launched at the beginning of 2013. The project is co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Program of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), The Commission of the European Union.

HIPON has resulted in a multi-language, open access e-learning system, providing practical training in pathology for students and professionals. The project’s challenging and innovative original prospect was to help users acquire  professional experience in correlating patterns of tissues and cells’ injury  with underlying disease mechanisms and clinical data through an ICT-based learning environment, taking advantage of modern image and video technology (figure below).

The deliverables, web site, and course contents of the platform are completely in accordance with the original program aims, as assessed in the project’s midterm report by the EACEA experts; “ HIPON project effectively delivers the planned support for education in histo- cyto-pathology for students and development of career professionals”. Furthermore, this innovative project encourages interaction between students, and between professionals seeking further development; it is addressed to a wide range of end users throughout the world, laying the basis for a pan-European educational product.

Figure: A teaching video describing microscopic pathology on a tissue section from a radical prostatectomy specimen, in the “Prostate gland” HIPON chapter. Note the link to the relevant virtual slide (“Prostate Cancer”), below the video space.

“European Union strategic framework for education and training” has clearly set four aims: Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality, improving the quality and efficiency of education and training, promoting equity and social cohesion, enhancing creativity and innovation, at all levels of education and training. HIPON fully addresses all EU aims and provides a step for further entrepreneurship in the field of lifelong training.

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