• Erosive haemorraghic cholecystitis Η-Ε

  • Erosive haemorraghic cholecystitis Η-Ε

  • Varying degrees of cellular dysplasia in colon adenomatous epithelium. H-E

  • Severe atypia in epidermal cells H-E


The HIPON’s International Conference on Improving Pathology Teaching welcomes the submission of abstracts to the field of basic and systemic pathology in the following scientific tracks:

  • Pathology teaching
  • Modern and ICT education strategies
  • Quality assessment in education
  • Technology affordances and limitations

The final deadline to submit the abstract is 10 August 2015.

The official language of the international conference is English and as a result both the submitted abstracts and the oral presentations should be in English.

Abstracts must be no longer than 300 words, they have to be structured according to the Abstract template  and they have to include at least the following information:

1. The title of the abstract, as well as the authors’ full names, affiliations and e-mail addresses

2. The main body of the abstract, which will consist of 3 distinctive sections:
     (i)   an introductory paragraph focusing on the aim of the presentation
     (ii)  the main content of the presentation
     (iii) a conclusive paragraph highlighting the presentation’s main points

3. The abstract’s keywords

4. Figures relevant to the topic

5. References

Abstracts should be plain and comprehensible, avoiding any use of scientific or engineering symbols and acronyms.

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference’s scientific committee which will decide which abstracts are directly connected to the conference’s goals and objectives and will make the final selection of the abstracts that will be included in the conference programme. All authors will be notified about the acceptance or non-acceptance of their abstracts on 01/09/2015.

In case the abstract is selected for presentation in conference, the authors will also be requested to prepare and submit a full paper of their work until 30/09/2015.

The submitted abstract should be accompanied by the completed registration form in order to be accepted. Please, give particular attention to the filling of the abstract’s details in section “specific information” of the Registration Form.

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