Niche Theranostics



IndiPath Diagnostics is a private partner limited firm and has applied for registration to Govt Of Delhi-NCT for running its diagnostic services. We strive to be a leading diagnostics set up with the aim of being premier provider of comprehensive and dynamic pathology services, tailored to the outpatient needs of doctors and patients.

IndiPath brings experts from various fields and background to work for a common vision of providing niche testing at affordable price. We are committed to service with excellence offering superior quality, faster Turnaround Time (TAT) and convenience. Through our upcoming South Delhi based Reference Laboratory "Niche Theranostics" and multiple collection centers in and around Delhi NCR we aim at providing complete diagnostic solution to hospitals, laboratories and common people at affordable cost.

Team Experts:

We are a dedicated team of professionals. We offer exceptional customer care service to physicians and other healthcare providers who need reliable investigations, proper diagnostic information and accurate interpretation of tests for right patient care and better healthcare decisions. We follow international standards in diagnostics. We innovate to cut overheads and redundancies to deliver world class results quality at affordable rates without compromising quality. Interpretative consultation is our USP's because we are the doctor's doctor. Our specialties include testing for cancer, medical renal disorders, endocrinology and gene based testing including infectious disease investigations. Hematology work up includes hemoglobinopathy profile, coagulation and oncology. Infectious disease testing with focus on new and emerging diseases. We provide committed support to hospital labs, customized and specialized support services to existing labs run by individuals.

MISSION:We are there because good therapy needs proper, reliable and timely, ethical diagnosis. IndiPath strives to provide innovative, high quality medical diagnostic products that meet international standards and to exceed customer's requirements, expectations of the health-care community and the needs of the patients.

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