Inercia Digital is a young Andalusian company with outlets Europeanwide.Its main target is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

We are located in the Scientific and Technological Park of Huelva (PCTH-Building 2.000, C/Caucho,1,21110, Aljaraque,Huelva,Spain).Our head office can be found there,as well as some classrooms equipped with all the necessary facilities and resources to teach a quality specialised attendanc e-based training.

In addition, we offer some programmes and online courses specialised in both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills accessible through our Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment (CentreNumber66044).

Our training areas are highly specialised and designed tot each both SMEs and entrepreneurs how to be efficient on the Internet.

We have at your disposal several courses specialised in the following training areas: e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning.

   E-BUSINESS                               Electronic commerce for SMEs (e-commerce): B2C, B2B, C2C

    Electronic relationships among SMEs: B2E, B2A / C2A and teleworking

    Online sales platforms (Virtual Stores) SMEs’ e-commerce internationalisation Online marketing for SMEs

    ERP and CRM systems. Business intelligence (BI)

WEB ENTREPRENEURSHIP       Online business models

     Preparation of innovative Business Plan

     Support for a innovation cycle starting with business ideas or market needs

     Cloud Computing Model for SMEs

     Design, creation and Web Business Analytics

     Office automation 2.0: Digital SME program

E-LEARNING      Design and development of online learning platforms

     Training of trainers in e-learning

     Preparation, design and content adaptive e-learning

     Virtual tutoring projects and courses

     Training for employment e-learning

     E-learning for SMEs


We have long international experience with online e-business training, thus making it possible for us to provide abroad portfolio of virtual training courses.

Inercia Digital endorses the principles of the “Manifesto for entrepreneurship & innovation to power growth in the EU”, developed by the European Commission. In addition, this company also supports the basics of the Startup Europe EU Initiative and the Digital Agenda for Europe.

To date, several of our International Projects related to virtual training innovation for SMEs and e-business have been approved, thus all owing us to work and learn continuously and,consequently, to always provide the most innovative solutions for both SMEs and webentrepreneur specialised training.

The Andalusian Employment Service of the Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded Inercia Digital the  recognition of Collaborative Entity in Training for Employment in the discipline of e-learning. We are also an entity accredited by the Tripartite Foundation (Government of Spain) to provide ongoing training for companies and workers.

Expressed in our philosophy of continuous improvement, Inercia Digital has adopted a Quality and Environment  Policy in order to get our customers’satisfaction (SMEs and web entrepreneurs) and also the gratification of those who work in our organisation. At the same time, this policy will also help the company live up to the environmental commitments acquired. In this way, Inercia Digital is developing an Integrated Quality and Environment  Management  System,  in accordance with what is set forth in Spanish Standard UNE 9001:2008 and UNE 14001:2004.




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