The Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre is a fully integrated medical school, biomedical research facility and university hospital. The department of pathology is a modern, fully equipped facility and thus, one of the leading pathology institutes in Europe where teaching, science and clinical services are integrated.

The focus of the research is on translational medicine and its specialized pathologists are involved in several international teaching projects, including the WHO-classification project (Slootweg, head and neck cancer; Wesseling, brain tumors; van Krieken, hematopoietic system and digestive tract).
Teaching is done for multiple curricula using advanced technology including digitized slides and e-learning. The department of pathology is responsible for reaching both general and special pathology in the curricula of the Medical faculty (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry), the faculty of Natural Sciences (medical biology, molecular life sciences) at the Radboud University Nijmegen; Technical Medicine at the Technical University Twente and Food and Health at the University for Agriculture Wageningen. For these curricula multipurpose modules have been developed with interactive digitized microscopy sessions. All teaching is done by pathological and medical biologists, coordinated by Dr G van Muijen under the responsibility of the chairman, Prof van Krieken. The courses are highly appreciated by the curriculum committees and the students. The course for medical school was voted the best overall course in 2008.

The department is also involved in many postgraduate courses in various areas of pathology, including neuropathology, renal pathology, hematopathology and pathology of the g.i.-tract. Furthermore, the department of pathology has been involved in several international scientific collaborations, including EU funded programs.

P3 will participate in the WP1 activities where necessary and will undertake the organisation of the 3rd consortium meeting. P3 will specifically be involved in WP2 (Requirement analysis & specifications, Dutch version and testing of the HIPON System), WP3 (provision of material for the e-modules and the virtual portfolio in Dutch), WP4 (HIPON Test in Dutch and the definition of criteria for selection for all implemented HIPON Test), WP5 (dissemination material and information days), WP6 (transfer of results to target groups, integration of HIPON System in RUMC curriculum and in events and activities, set-up of Multimedia advertising multilingual spot) and WP7 (evaluation report on HIPON System and Exploitation Plan).

Joannes Henricus Josephus Maria (Han) van Krieken, Prof.

Medical School, University Leiden, PhD thesis (promotor: Prof.dr. Th.G. van Rijssel): The Architecture of the Human Spleen (cum laude), Resident Pathology, Academic Hospital Leiden (head: Prof.dr. Ph.J. Hoedemaeker), Guest researcher Institut fur Pathologie, Kiel, West Duitsland (head: Professor K. Lennert; grant: Niels Stensen Stichting), Pathologist Laboratory for Pathology, Academic Hospital Leiden, Guest researcher Department of Hematopathology, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA (head: Dr. E.S. Jaffe; grant Giesela Thier Fund), Director of clinical service, Laboratory for Pathology, Academic Hospital Leiden., Professor for Tumorpathology Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, Professor of general pathology and chairman of the department of pathology  Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, Director of the Radboud Oncology Research Institute, Nijmegen, Chairman of the Radboud University Centre for Oncology.

2006 - 2008: Chairman of the Central Medical Specialists Training Program
2007 - 2009: Chairman of the Academic Oncology Centre
2005 - 2008: Vice-chairman of the Research Council of the Medical Faculty
2005 – 2008: Member of the Research Council of the Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences
2007 -   : Auditor for Quality Assurance Programs
2005 – 2007: Member of the Committee for Improvement of the Medical Curriculum (including Chairman of the subcommittee for Development of the Research and Science Education for Medical Students
2007 – 2008: Member of the Selection Committee for the Vice-Chairman of the Medical Centre
2008 -    : Director of the Oncology Research Institute
2009 -    : Chairman of the Radboud University Centre for Oncology

Chairman of the Research Council of PALGA (1999-2007)
2000 – 2004: Member of the research council of the StomachGutLiver foundation
2006 -   : Member of the committee on Quality of Care of the Dutch Cancer Foundation
2004 – 2008: Member of the National Pathology Council
1997 – 2003: Member of the Committee for Evaluating Cancer Trials
2000 – 2004: Chairman of the Education Committee of the Dutch Society for Pathology
2003 – 2009: Treasurer of the Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group
2010 -   : Member of the Research Council of the Dutch Cancer Foundation

Treasurer of the European Society for Pathology (2003- )
Treasurer/Secretary of the European Association of Hematopathology (2000- 2008)
Editorial Board of the American Journal for Surgical Pathology  (2000- )and the Journal of Pathology (2008- )
Chief editor of the Journal of Hematopathology (2008- )
Managing Editor Virchows Archive (2010- )
Chairman of the Euroclonality Group
Chairman of the Euro-FISH group
Chairman of the European Quality Assurance Program for KRAS testing in colorectal cancer of the European Society for Pathology
Corresponding member of the German Society for Pathology (2009- )
Member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (2010- )

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