CARDET(Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is the leading e-learning organization in the euro-Mediterranean region and with partners around the world. Our mission is to inspire next generation education, and promote research, innovation and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered people. CARDET brings together an international team of veterans with decades of global expertise and passionate young experts in instructional design, e-learning, ICT, social networking and WEB 2.0 applications, educational innovation, and evaluation.

We have been advising schools, education and training institutions, and Ministries of Education in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 100 projects in more than 20 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, The Commonwealth of Learning, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Research Promotion Foundation. CARDET is ISO 9001 certified for quality in management, research, and education services. The management team works closely with a team of more than 30 full-time staff, part-time staff, and 100s of dedicated volunteers in preparing and executing projects. For more information visit

Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas

Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas is Executive Director at CARDET and Associate Professor of e-learning at the University of Nicosia. He holds a Bs. in photography and media design, a Masters in Educational Technology, and a PhD in curriculum and instruction with emphasis on e-learning. An innovator, learner and teacher educator, he was involved in more than 80 projects in Europe, USA and Asia. He has extensive global expertise in research, teacher education, science education, multi-literacies, e-learning and project management. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the International Council for Educational Media, an UNESCO affiliated organization. He has authored 6 books and more than 100 journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He is Editor-In-Chief of Educational Media International, a scholarly journal published by Taylor & Francis.

Dr. Katerina Theodoridou
Dr. Katerina Theodoridou holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Texas at Austin and she is a Senior Researcher and instructional Designer at CARDET. She has extensive experience in EU and nationally funded education programmes. She has also worked on projects related to the design and development of interactive games, e-learning, and innovation infusion in organizations. Specifically as a researcher and expert facilitator/trainer she is involved in programs focused on educational planning, the integration of ICT in education, developing educational materials for online learning and professional training, and assessment of learning needs.

Sotiris Themistokleous
Sotiris Themistokleous is an Assistant Director at CARDET, where he also works as a Researcher and a Project Manager. He holds a BA in International Relations and History from the American College of the Thessaloniki, Greece, and an MSc in Global Politics from Birckbek College, University of London. He has been involved for the past five years in more than 25 projects as a researcher and a project manager. He has published articles and book chapters and presented a series of papers in international conferences.

Helen Vrahimis
Helen Vrahimis holds a degree in Design from the University of Nicosia. She has extensive experience in e-learning design and its application in product and process development. She was engaged in numerous projects for the design and development of e-learning and online education resources. During the last 5 years she has been involved as instructional designer in more than 10 projects.

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