The 3rd meeting of the HIPON Consortium was organized and hosted by the Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, Department of Pathology, on the 31th of January and 1st of February 2014. A total of 9 representatives from all project partners participated in the meeting and focused on the progress of working packages and the next steps both at technical and administrative level.

In the first day of the meeting a detailed e-learning module was presented and a discussion about its implementation and the potential use of this approach to the HIPON’s modules was followed. Moreover, another chapter and some more cases of the educational platform was shown and discussed, the educational platform was demonstrated and details were discussed for its improvement and also a long discussion regarding the needs of the game that have to be developed was taken place.
In the second day of the meeting the main topics that were discussed had to do with the evaluation on the HIPON and its work packages progress, the pending issues of the partners and the next steps of the project.
The meeting was concluded by defining the date for the next meeting, on 1st & 2nd June 2014, in Cyrpus.

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