The fifth HIPON consortium meeting took place in Zagreb, at the Institute of Pathology, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, on the 12th and 13th of December 2014. Host of the meeting was the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine and 7 project members from the 5 cooperating countries attended.

In the first day of the meeting the most important tasks and expectations of this meeting were briefly stressed. Also the progress of building HIPON and the difficulties that the team faced were presented. 

A detailed discussion regarding the upcoming testing phase of HIPON took place and the steps that should be done in order the HIPON testing to start on early January were also agreed. Simultaneously, an overview of dissemination of HIPON was presented and the pending issues for each partner were highlighted.

In reference to the second meeting day, the consortium focused on the reminding of the financial and management rules and the progress of feeding HIPON and the remaining work packages.

The partners agreed that the next 5th consortium meeting will be hosted by the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering, University Ss Cyril and Methodious on May 15th – 16th 2015, in Skopje.

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