In order to ensure an efficient running of the project, the management and coordination work package will break down into the following tasks:

Task 1.1: Description of each stage clearly and concisely; set up methodology and priorities for realization of working packages – identification of key issues
Task 1.2: Development of the appropriate timetable for monitoring project progress, including milestones and deliverables
Task 1.3: Legal, contractual, financial management; contractual obligations consistency, financial reporting, audit certificates where applicable, open procurement for consumables and equipment expenses, when necessary etc
Task 1.4: Meetings with Commission project officers and reviewers
Task 1.5: Reception of all payments made by the Commission and distribution according to the work plan and set out methodology, the contract and the decisions made by the Leading Partner (P1) and the relevant research team
Task 1.6: Preparation of progress reports
Task 1.7: Preparation of the financial management reports
Task 1.8: Overall responsibility of consortium meetings; to hold 6 meetings throughout the project duration:

The methods which will be implemented in order to achieve results and deliverables of the above tasks are the development of common methodologies for all partners and the application of best practices, timely meetings and teleconferences and the development of appropriate report in order to be able to follow and evaluate the project results and outcomes.

The project management also refers to dealing with risks that may occur during the project implementation and the contingency plan already set out by the Project coordinator and the members of the consortium.

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