The target of this WP is to produce an e-learning environment that will act as a distant learning toolkit and as an add-on component of real-class lectures so as to make the learning process attractive.

The following parts are the main components of HIPON:
• Virtual Portfolio of actual medical case studies, identification of sample location (e.g. tissue sample etc), constant update of samples’ status and information
• e-Modules on histopathology
• Online game
• Histo-book (social media component where all parties involved in histopathology research, study and practice are able to communicate via a spatially referenced ‘histo-book’ which will also act as a work-space as well).
Instructional, testing and collaborative dimension of HIPON offers to instructors and institutes many ways to use the system, ensuring effective student participation. Within a classroom of distant learning, HIPON offers a one way of applied lecturing tool, a two way communication between students and instructors, and a one-to-many communication in interactive collaborative courses.
HIPON system will be designed and developed as an autonomous multi-language e-learning system providing practical training both for students and professionals. HIPON will host, apart from Greek, English, Dutch and Croatian languages, the structure to host any other language (no restriction on how many or what kind of languages) and any other add-on material regarding images of microscope, e-modules, etc. The scope of the WP is to result in a dynamic easily expandable and user friendly learning system.
Task 2.1 Needs analysis & specifications of HIPON - Deliverable 2.1
Task 2.2 HIPON Architecture
Task 2.3 Pre-HIPON (multilingual test version)
Task 2.4 Internal test phase of Pre-HIPON by the consortium - Deliverable 2.4
Task 2.5 Finalization of Pre-HIPON
Task 2.6 Technical support through the project’s lifetime until HIPON ‘real life tests’ are realized - Deliverable 2.6
Task 2.7 Final HIPON System

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