The content of all parts of the HIPON System will be prepared and finalized in this Working Package. All partners will provide material in their national language and in English. The necessary content to be gathered is divided into 4 parts according to the 4 parts of the System.

Part A – Virtual Portfolio
• Images (cells, tissues, etc)
• Resources (bibliography, electronic books, journals, all types of publications, photographic material, etc)
• Glossary (terms translated in all partners’ languages)
• Links (related websites on histopathology, national and international sites)

Part B – Course
• Series of modules on HIPON with theoretical and practical parts. Partners will provide material for the e-modules. The modules will be available in all participating languages. The practicals will use real data from the virtual portfolio already available to the consortium. The course outline consists of the following modules:

  1. General Pathology
  2. Systemic Pathology

PART C – Online game
All partners will contribute to setting up an online game with images of tissues and cells, potential intermediate processes leading to a diagnosis and related clinopaltological data. The learners will get a score and they will be able to communicate with each other. This part will make HIPON more attractive for the learners. The engine and the overall technology component of the framework will be built at WP2 and here partners will simply load images, text, etc. in their respective languages.

PART D – Histo-book
• Social media component where all parties involved in histopathology research, study and practice are able to communicate via a spatially referenced ‘histo-book’ which will also act as a work-space as well.

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