Pilot use of the course will take place in this working package through the HIPON System. Every partner, third country and associated partners, each to different degree and with different task groups will make use of the HIPON test in their procedures.

The HIPON test will have a dual scope: a group of users will use HIPON (PART A – B) only distantly, medical students and training pathologists of ongoing taught courses of the partners will also use HIPON, only part A, the virtual portfolio. In the International Conference (WP6) taking place in M35, all HIPON TEST participants (15 participants/ country) distant and real-time will participate in order to discuss the use and sustainability of the System, its use with the regular taught courses of the institution, etc., since they will be the first HIPON public users.
The following target groups will participate in the HIPON test:
• Undergraduate and graduate students
• Training pathologists
• Academics and professionals who wish to keep their knowledge level up to date
• ICT Specialists

HIPON tests will take place in all partners’ countries:
Task 4.1 HIPON test in Greece - Deliverable 4.1.1 & Deliverable 4.1.2
Task 4.2 HIPON test in Croatia - Deliverable 4.2.1 & Deliverable 4.2.2
Task 4.3 HIPON test in the Netherlands
Task 4.4 HIPON test in FYROM - Deliverable 4.4.1 & Deliverable 4.4.2

Deliverable 4 - Selection Criteria
Smaller scale tests are expected to take place in the third country partners (USA and India) and by partners associated to the HIPON project. In those cases the task groups will number up to 5 participants for the purposes of the test period who are expected to feedback with comments and remarks within the HIPON International Conference.

Task 4.5 HIPON test in USA - Deliverable 4.5.1 & Deliverable 4.5.2

Task 4.6 HIPON test in India - Deliverable 4.6.1 & Deliverable 4.6.2

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