The WP aims at raising awareness on HIPON initiative and diffusing the project’s results and outcomes to a wider audience than the one directly involved in the project implementation.

A group of interested parties have already been informed on HIPON and have declared interest to keep them up to date. Further, all partners will disseminate HIPON within national and international associations they participate, other projects, etc. (For example ‘Alexandra' Gynecologic and Obstetrics Hospital, Hellenic Foundation of Oncology, Hellenic Anticancer Institute – Greece, Croatian Microscopy Society, Croatian Academy of Medicine, ‘Sergej Saltykow' Foundation - Croatia, Dutch Cancer Foundation, Oncology Research Institute, Technical University Twente - The Netherlands).
Task 5.1 Dissemination strategy - Deliverable 5.1
Task 5.2 Press releases in all partners’ countries
Task 5.3 Newsletters to be sent in English and in national languages - Deliverable 5.3
Task 5.4 2 Publications in scientific journals - Deliverable 5.4
Task 5.5 Project poster
Task 5.6 Advertisements of the HIPON System
Task 5.7 Web-portal of the project
Task 5.8 2 information days/ partner country - Deliverable 5.8
Task 5.9 HIPON System’s brochures

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