The WP aims at promoting the sustainability of the projects products and tools resulting from the HIPON System in order to provide the appropriate ground of commercialization of the product after the project’s lifetime.

Task 6.1 Commercialization Strategy - Deliverable 6.1
Task 6.2 Transfer of Results to target groups - Deliverable 6.2
Task 6.3 HIPON integration to partners’ universities curricula - Deliverable 6.3
Task 6.4 HIPON integration in activities and events the partners organize at a yearly basis (Promotion in the Saltykow Memorial Meeting, European Schools of Pathology, International Conference of Hellenic Association for Molecular Cancer Research) - Deliverable 6.4
Task 6.5 International conference bringing together all interested parties of the project
Task 6.6 International Workshop
Task 6.7 Multimedia advertising multilingual spot
Task 6.8 National Support Groups - Deliverable 6.8

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