WP7 refers to the project’s results evaluation and assessment which will be performed both internally by the partners and externally by a team of selected people deriving from all target groups related to the discipline of Pathology. This evaluation committee has already members from the private and public sector, while it will expand by the first 3 months of the project.

The evaluation of the Managing Authority will also contribute to the excellence of the project’s outputs and working methodologies.
Both the internal and the external evaluation committee is responsible for:
• monitoring the proper execution of the project and on time delivery of the proposed tasks
• the evaluation of the System from a technical, pedagogical and medical point of view
• confirmation of efficient working methodologies
• conformation to indicators of dissemination activities

For the convenient evaluation of the project, an internal project management system (assessment tool) will be developed and run from the project’s website. The partners and the members of the external evaluation committee will have access to the system. All the working packages, tasks and subtasks will be recorded in this system in such a way so as to allow the evaluator to be able to check the timetable, the task level of preparation etc. and communicate directly with the partners, when necessary.
Task 7.1 Set up of the External evaluation committee
Task 7.2 Evaluation forms for WPs and tasks
Task 7.3 Evaluation forms for testing period of pre-HIPON version of the system
Task 7.4 Evaluation forms for testing period of HIPON version of the system - Deliverable 7.4
Task 7.5 Evaluation report of HIPON System - Deliverable 7.5
Task 7.6 Evaluation report on Dissemination Plan
Task 7.7 Evaluation report on Exploitation Plan
Task 7.8 Assessment Tool

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